We are the official service partner for all Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brands, the one and only "brand of brands". A guarantee for motorists and their contact with the Group.
Our mission is based on these values:

  • Uniqueness, the result of a one-of-a-kind tradition and everyday commitment to the future;
  • Authenticity, the driving force of an expert, determined team to make our voice always sincere and convincing;
  • Originality, because Mopar is the key part of the team that designs, develops and makes Fiat Chrysler Automobiles vehicles and therefore can guarantee original, high-quality products;
  • Enthusiasm, we are passionate about cars and in the care we reserve to drivers;
  • Trust , based on our professionalism, expertise, transparency and responsibility;
  • Dedication, because we are always close to our customers, their aspirations and the requests;
  • Innovation, because we want our products to be always cutting-edge, capable of leading market development and at the top in terms of technology and performance;
  • Sustainability, because all our choices are oriented to minimising environmental impact, to harmonise the needs of today with those of future generations.

We believe that driving is a complete personal expression experience. The pleasure of discovery, the thrill of the race or the comfort of routine, the aspiration to live every day to the fullest: whatever your vision, we will help you achieve it by becoming your trusted partner.


A privileged relationship

Mopar® Vehicle Protection maintains your vehicle in tip top conditions!

When you purchase a vehicle and combine it with a Mopar® Vehicle Protection Service Contract you are guaranteed the maximum support with a world of tailored services, designed to maintain you on the road and making sure your car is safe, efficient and always in perfect order.

Mopar® Vehicle Protection è stata creata con l'obiettivo di assicurare che l'esperienza di guida di tutti i clienti sia sempre piacevole e lontana da rischi, con un portfolio di prodotti che include un ampio ventaglio di estensioni di garanzia e piani di manutenzione. Ogni piano offre differenti livelli in termini di durata e chilometraggio ed è disegnato per rispondere al meglio ai differenti bisogni di guida dei nostri clienti.

I nostri contratti di servizio ti garantiscono l'assistenza da parte di tecnici altamente specializzati presso officine autorizzate FCA, che utilizzano solo la migliore strumentazione e accessori originali.

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80 years of glorious history

The name Mopar®was created by Chrysler in 1920 with a combination of the words “Motor” and “Parts”. It was officially introduced as a brand in 1937: Mopar® started off as the manufacturer of genuine spare parts for Chrysler models.

The brand started to emerge during the 1960s when American muscle cars started earning international fame during car races. In fact, when the Chrysler Corporation launched the Dodge and Plymouth vehicles Mopar® kicked off with a range of spare parts specifically created for competitions. Hence, Mopar® Performance Parts was created specialising in spare part design to maximise the performance of race cars.
As the years went by, Mopar® identified itself with muscle cars that, in the 1970s made motorsports history. Since then, Mopar® has focused on customer satisfaction by optimising the performance and the handling of the cars they drive every day. Today Mopar® also offers technical assistance and customer care putting its expertise at the service of motorists who choose Fiat Chrysler Automobiles vehicles.

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FCA is the international auto maker that designs, manufactures and sells very popular vehicles. Brands of the group include Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat Professional and Abarth, in addition to Maserati. The company expanded its global presence following the partnership with Chrysler Group LLC, with its brands ChryslerJeep®DodgeRam and SRT. The group also includes Magneti Marelli, Teksid and Comau operating in the component and manufacturing system sectors.

The technological know-how of FCA is one of the most innovative and advanced on the market and well represents this strong multinational company with a balanced, diversified presence in various areas of the world.


Fiat has over one hundred years of history under its belt. The Italian brand has been offering immediately available, accessible real solutions since 1899.

Fiat makes cars that combine style and functional design, which are cost-effective to run and to manage on a daily basis. State-of-the-art technology is the heart of each and every project. The brand is projected into the future to improve the quality of driving, guarantee customer satisfy and market cars with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

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Alfa Romeo

The essence of Alfa Romeo is enclosed in its design and its Italian style that make it a unique, unmistakable icon. The sleek and elegant lines of Alfa Romeo cars evoke

the sporty spirit that has always characterised this time-honoured brand. A history of success and enthusiasm which is reflected in cars which perfectly balance excitement, state-of-the-art technology, safety, comfort and authentic driving pleasure. Alfa Romeo today is the byword for agility and efficiency, and above all of dedication as strong today as it was back in 1910.

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Italian character, international temperament: this is the essence of Lancia, the brand with the prestigious history that started in 1906

and has evolved over the years without every losing its original attitude. The exclusive cars of the current line-up confirm this: models with crafted sophistication combined with technological solutions designed to make the future accessible today.

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Abarth has always transformed the ordinary into the extra-ordinary. The company established in 1949 by Karl Abarth became a racing legend by winning 10 world

championship titles, setting 113 records and organising successful one-make championships. The brand was revamped in 2007 and today manufactures and markets street-legal models, race cars and one-of-a-kind performance tune-up kits. Abarth car are not unlike the scorpion on their badge: small and bad.

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Fiat Professional

Fiat Professional was established in 1974 as the FCA Italy S.p.A. brand for light commercial vehicles. A partner for large and small businesses with a wide range of models all perfect

for work and for satisfying all transportation needs. The Fiat Professional commercial vehicles are best-sellers and have reaped many international accolades, like the International Van of the Year award which has been won no less than five times since 2006.

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Back by over 70 years of legendary history, Jeep® is a unique and distinctive brand that has always been the byword for adventure.

Since 1941 Jeep® has represented off-road technical excellence being the benchmark for everyone who wants to push the boundaries and accept no compromises. Comfort, versatility, functionality and reliability of performance in critical conditions are the key elements of the brand with the seven-slot grille.

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The spirit of hard work. Earning your place without forgetting where you're from. That's what the Chrysler brand and its vehicles are all about. Since 1925, Chrysler has never stopped

making cars for everyone: for who sees their car just a means of transport and who is driven by genuine passion for motors. The great tradition of the brand is driven by the partnership with the Fiat Group: while maintaining the distinctive elements that made Chrysler models unique over the years on the new models, technology, environmental sustainability and commitment for the future become some of the guiding principles of the brand.

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