The battery is one of the main components. The correct operation of the vehicle and its components depend on it. An original battery distributed by Mopar® perfectly integrates with the electric system of the vehicle and is designed according to its specific needs to ensure efficiency electric balancing. Battery capacity, expressed in Ampere/hour, must be able to provide the energy needed to start the car even in extreme climate conditions. Choosing a battery distributed by Mopar® means increasing the efficiency and reliability of your car.


  • Over 80% of all roadside assistance operations are caused by problems to the ignition system.
  • Battery fluid is very corrosive. It is advisable to have the battery replaced at a workshop which is equipped to dispose of it properly respecting the environment.
  • A weak battery cannot provide enough energy to start a cold engine during the winter. The best preventive measure to avoid unpleasant problems is to have the battery and recharging system checked once a year to keep them both in perfect working order.