Join the mobility revolution with the New 500 and the Jeep® 4xe Plug-in Hybrid range. Mopar® offers you a wide selection of charging solutions to ensure ease of use and to meet different needs in terms of connectivity and remote assistance.


1The JuiceBox Connected Wallbox is available in Italy, Spain and Portugal. In the other European markets is available the EVBox Elvi Connected Wallbox.
27.4kW for the Jeep 4xe Plug-in Hybrid range.
3Maximum power output of charging solutions may vary in some countries due to local regulatory restrictions.
4domestic 3 pin plug attached in UK


With the Mode 3 cable you can recharge your New 500 and Jeep® 4xe Plug-in Hybrid away from home at public charging stations, such as in a supermarket or airport car park.
Thanks to the My Uconnect app, Fiat app, and My easy Charge services and card, you can easily access and recharge your vehicle outside your home using public charging stations.


A set of accessories designed for safe and efficient charging of your New 500.


While charging, the cable lies on the ground, gets dirty and sometimes even wet.
This results in dirty hands, dirty clothes and an even dirtier boot. The Cable Reel helps you wrap the cable and keep it clean at all times, offering a smart solution to all these problems.


The Mode 3 Cable is available to buy with a dedicated bag, embellished with the 500 logo, designed to be efficient and stylish at the same time.
The bag contains a pair of gloves to keep your hands clean while charging, and the base of the bag is made of a non-slip material ensuring it stays safe in the boot while travelling.

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500 Iride

500 Iride is the new eScooter inspired by the Italian design. Quick, foldable, easy to handle; with its 10” air chamber wheels,it’s the perfect solution for urban and emission-free electric mobility. Thanks to its shock absorber, wide deck, and telescopic stem, it will offer you a comfortable driving experience through the streets of your city. Moreover, you can recharge it in 4,5 hours and ride at a maximum speed of 25 km/h* with an autonomy of 30 km.The dedicated app will allow you to monitor, share and set functionalities directly from your smartphone. 500 Iridewill change the way you experience your city and your idea of e-Mobility.

* The maximum speed could change according to the speed limits and traffic rules of each country.