Mopar® offers all our Fleet & Business customers a series of privileged services that have been designed to reduce Business/Fleet vehicles downtime, providing a range of special benefits to help each business with their servicing and vehicle needs, making servicing more manageable.

From the moment a customer first engages with an FCA brand, Mopar® is there to take care of the total ownership experience by providing an excellent service experience, genuine quality parts, endlessly customizable accessories, 24-7 customer care and engaging web content.

Customers can take advantage from all Mopar® commitments that include:

  • Availability: with or without an appointment our Authorized Network and Customer Care are always at your service for anything you need.
  • Transparency: detailed and explained quotation, no work without your agreement.
  • Meeting deadlines: we hand over your car at the expected time.
  • Mobility: mobility solution to meet your needs and roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including towing service and courtesy car.
  • Expertise: technicians trained with a perfect knowledge of your car.
  • Quality: original equipment manufacturer guaranteed, with spare parts are designed to ensure reliability, comfort and performance.
  • Simplicity: one stop shopping, with just one place for bodywork, maintenance, warranty and tyres.

Mopar® privileged services include

  • Dedicated Business Centers
  • Dedicated Fleet Customer Care Services
  • Mopar® Express Care
  • Uconnect™ & Uconnect™ MiniFleet
  • Service Charter
  • Central Billing
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