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​Mopar® offers its customers a wide range of accessories, constantly updated and made to measure for Fiat and Chrysler Group cars. The products available from the catalogue are unique because they are developed through direct collaboration with the engineering team of the vehicle that they are dedicated to: a concrete link that not all the companies in the after-sales sector can guarantee. 

​The finest and most reliable materials, the innovative processes and meticulous manufacture are the elements which underpin the production of accessories by Mopar®: the aim is not only to offer customers the possibility of personalising their car, making it unmistakable, but above all not to compromise, for any reason, the reliability and safety level of the cars that they drive.
Thanks to the line of accessories by Mopar®, you can give your car an exclusive style, in accordance with your tastes and requirements: it’s not just about the look, but the functionality too.

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​Some brands are so unique that they create a real sense of belonging in their fans. That’s why Mopar®, in addition to existing lines, has created a new dedicated merchandising catalogue, especially for Alfa Romeo and Mopar® itself. The articles range from clothing to technological devices: here too, attention to detail is the essential characteristic on which merchandising by Mopar® is based.

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