When you buy a Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth, Jeep or Fiat Professional car, you immediately benefit from a service designed to keep your travel free from risk and unforeseen expenses at bay.

Vehicle Warranty

With the purchase of your new vehicle is included a 24 months Warranty, starting from the date of delivery and without mileage restriction.

Under this Warranty, the authorized Dealer must repair components which are defective due to a manufacturing defect by replacing them with genuine spare parts or reconditioned parts free of charge.
Operations under Warranty carried out by an authorized Dealership include:
  • repair or replacement of the faulty component
  • labour needed for the replacement or repair
  • supply of consumable materials needed to carry out the repair under Warranty.

During the vehicle Warranty period, you can also have the advantage of the Roadside Assistance program.

Paintwork Warranty

The vehicle is warranted against manufacturing defects of the paintwork for a period of 36 months (24 months for Jeep/Chrysler) from the date of delivery.

The Warranty provides for the total or partial repainting of the vehicle to the extent necessary and elimination of any ascertained fault according to the Manufacturer's standard conditions.

Perforating Rust Warranty

The structural elements of the bodywork are warranted against perforations caused by rust, when it occurs from the inside out.

The Warranty provides for the repair and/or replacement of any original, bodywork structural element damaged by perforating rust and is valid for 8 years (for Jeep/Chrysler: 7 years for outer-body sheet metal panels, 2 years for sheet metal panels) from the date of delivery.
We kindly invite you to verify your warranty booklet for country specific conditions.

Roadside assistance

With all the advantages of roadside assistance that always, at all times offers you:

Free to go: your peace of mind

FreeToGo is the mobility programme that Mopar® dedicates to its customers: the possibility of travelling with the utmost peace of mind and making use of a roadside assistance service that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

FreeToGo provides Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Lancia, Chrysler and Jeep vehicle owners with a series of comprehensive, practical roadside assistance programmes, valid throughout Europe *.

(*) Consult the vehicle’s Warranty Booklet for service delivery methods, conditions, limitations and exclusions.

Find out about FreeToGo roadside assistance services.

Scheduled servicing

All vehicles require regular servicing.
Therefore, Fiat Group has drawn up a Scheduled Servicing Operations Plan for each model/version to ensure excellent running conditions and efficiency.

Compliance with the Scheduled Servicing Operations Plan instructions means optimising your vehicle's performance and fuel consumption and, during its life, ensures respect of laws and regulations on emissions and pollution, keeping it in suitable conditions to pass the periodic inspections required by law.

Extend your warranty, choose savings

With the three solutions offered by Mopar® Vehicle Protection, extending the cover against mechanical and electrical faults on your car spells savings. What’s more, you always have
  • Repairs carried out by highly qualified and specialised technicians
  • Use of original parts
  • Workshops and assistance throughout Europe.

Mopar® Vehicle Protection

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MOPAR® VEHICLE PROTECTION offers you the ability to extend your coverage beyond factory warranty with a plan that fits your needs.
The only coverage endorsed by Fiat SPA who ensure the work is performed by:
  • Certified, factory- trained, expert technicians
  • Using Genuine parts
  • At authorized workshops throughout Europe.
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On board documentation

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Have you lost the Warranty and Service booklet or the Owner manual of your vehicle?

You can browse them on eLum the official website of Fiat Group Automobiles, that contains the Warranty booklet and the Owner Manual of your Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Lancia vehicle and of your Fiat Professional commercial vehicle.