Mopar® One Pack for Jeep Wrangler stars at the Harley-Davidson Festival in Saint-Tropez
  • An original, exciting display installation promotes the Mopar accessories pack at the French event.
  • Mopar® One Pack is intended for the knowledgeable customer seeking both the most extreme off-road performances and a distinctive, unique style that makes the iconic Jeep Wrangler even more exclusive.
  • Factory-installed, the new Mopar customisation pack gives enthusiasts access to safety and type-approval with the FCA guarantee.
  • Upcoming events include the European H.O.G Rally in Lugano (Switzerland, from 29 June to 2 July) and the European Bike WeekTM at Lake Faak (Austria, from 5 to 10 September)

The fantastic "Euro Festival" in Saint-Tropez (France), which has just ended, was the first of three major Harley-Davidson gatherings to be held in 2017 in which the legendary US motorbike constructor is joined, for the fourth consecutive year, by the Jeep brand as key partner and official sponsor for its main events in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Alongside them, another historic brand: Mopar, the brand of reference for services, Customer Care, spare parts and genuine accessories for the FCA brands.

Fittingly so, because Jeep and Harley-Davidson share the same world of deeply felt values, such as pride in driving an icon, a desire for freedom and a strong sense of belonging. These same core values are integral to Mopar, which has always partnered the Jeep brand in exploring the world of customisation, creating both one-off packages to stun visitors at showcase events and exclusive accessories to equip the various models. There could be no clearer example than the new Mopar® One Pack, which meets the demands of a customer who wants the most extreme off-road performances without losing any of the safety and type-approval characteristics guaranteed by FCA.

At the Saint-Tropez, the public were treated to the sight of a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon equipped with the high-performance Mopar® One Pack, displayed on a special concept stand. Exhibited on a platform which evoked its dual personality (urban and off-road), the car was accompanied by a showcase containing a selection of Mopar original accessories and display unit with a Fox Performance 2" lift kit. The area was completed by a video totem and specific informative materials.

The new Mopar accessories pack comprises a 2" lift kit enabling the vehicle to cope with harsh terrain in complete safety and with unbeatable off-road performances, steering stabiliser and 17" x 8.5" Performance Gladiator black alloy wheels with larger (32") tyres for optimal grip. The Pack is completed by front and rear splashguards, black fuel filler door and additional front and rear mudguards.

Achieved through an innovative industrial process - it is the first time accessories have been factory-installed in the EMEA Region - the Mopar® One Pack delivers complete customisation, guaranteed by the constructor and type-approved for sale. So this special pack is ideal for customers who demand the very best in terms of style, safety and performance. The pack is also a major part of the growth strategy for the Mopar brand, which accompanies FCA customers throughout their motoring experience, by providing technical services and support for all their performance, safety or customisation related needs.


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