Mopar at the 2018 International Show in Hannover
  • Mopar Express Lane: Fast assistance, in less than an hour, directly in workshops without any appointment
  • Mopar Express Care (MEC): The Fiat Professional Ducato-based vehicle which turns into a real workshop on wheels with reception, troubleshooting and repair areas
  • Mopar Connect: Remote connection, maximum protection, also in Fleet version, to monitor and manage all vehicles very safely and effectively
  • A complete assortment of Mopar accessories available for the entire Fiat Professional range
  • Mopar Vehicle Protection: More certainty, more freedom, more value - convenient and reliable services which guarantee peace of mind
  • Mopar Connect Fleet: Dedicated services for Fleet & Business customers
  • Fiat Professional Contact Plan

The complete range of Mopar, FCA's service, parts and customer-care brand, will be on display for visitors to appreciate at the Hannover Show. All products of the highest quality and can be chosen either when a new vehicle is purchased or later to customise it with exclusive services, parts and accessories.

Mopar Express Lane, the official quick maintenance service for FCA Group vehicles

Mopar Express Lane, the official quick maintenance service for all FCA brands, is making its European debut at the Hannover Show. Created to be closer to customer needs than ever, the  service is characterised by speed, convenience and flexibility. Customers can go directly to select FCA authorised service centres where they will find a reserved Mopar Express Lane without having to fix an appointment in advance. They will be met by Mopar service experts, who will provide quick, highly specialised and affordable servicing as rapidly as possible, to put them back on the road in less than 60 minutes. By the end of the year, Mopar Express Lane will be available at 50 official Mopar service centres in Italy, France, Great Britain, Spain, Austria, Belgium and Morocco.


Mopar Express Care, the authorised service that reaches customers wherever they are

Mopar Express Care (MEC) is the innovative authorised on-demand service developed to offer customers a dedicated solution for servicing their vehicles by means of a fully equipped mobile workshop built on a Fiat Professional Ducato base. The vehicle, which turns into a real workshop on wheels with reception, troubleshooting and repair areas, will be on display in Hannover for visitors to see.

Furthermore, MEC workshops are also organised to sell spare parts, accessories and merchandising. Ducato Mopar Express Care provides support to customers wherever they are. In addition to high quality technical support, it offers something truly precious - time. Maintenance and vehicle repairs can be carried out anywhere, in public spaces, on company premises or even at home. Waiting times and vehicle downtime can be reduced as a consequence. Mopar Express Care offers many services: electronic diagnosis and check-ups, full car services, scheduled servicing, check and replacement of filters, brakes, batteries, lamps, oil, air conditioning servicing, tyre service, car window/windscreen repairs and substitutions, passenger compartment sanitation and accessory installations.


Mopar Connect: Remote connection, maximum protection, also for fleets

Mopar Connect is the innovative set of vehicle safety and remote-control services, which can be configured on the vehicle as an option at the time of purchase but is also available as an aftersales feature.

More in detail, Mopar Connect integrates with the Uconnect LIVE services (where provided) and adds new functions such as roadside assistance, including crash assistance, or vehicle location in case of theft. The system can also be used to control some of vehicle functions remotely, like sending an alert if the vehicle exceeds a certain speed limit or leaves a zone previously delimited on a map or locking and unlocking the doors. Finally, Mopar Connect enables users to locate their parked vehicle easily and see information about its state, fuel level and battery charge on their smartphones. In short, Mopar Connect offers greater safety, tranquillity and non-stop control over vehicles.

To respond to different types of customers - from retail customers to businesses - Mopar Connect offers services with bespoke solutions. For instance, Mopar Connect Fleet is available for corporate and/or commercial vehicle fleet managers, which, in addition to the basic functions, can be used to monitor and manage fleets very safely and effectively through a portal created by Targa Telematics. Available in two versions (Basic and High), the innovative Mopar Connect Fleet uses a simple and user-friendly interface, directly accessible by Fleet Managers via smartphone and PC, to control all activities and monitor service, maintenance and support statuses for each vehicle. Mopar Connect Fleet is available from the FCA Authorised Network.

A complete assortment of Mopar accessories for the entire Fiat Professional range

The wide range of Genuine Accessories developed by Mopar for Fiat Professional means that customers can fully customise their commercial vehicle according to their  needs. From grid partitions, cargo nets, sturdy rubber mats and carpets, seat covers, protective panels to roof bars, professionals have everything they need to do their job well.

In addition to functional accessories for work, the comprehensive catalogue includes accessories for leisure activities and for personalising the look of the vehicle. For instance, a sports pedal board kit with footrest for Doblò and roll-bar lights, and attractive 17-inch Beadlock black wheels for Fullback will be on display in the area dedicated to accessories.

Also on display will be a handy loading roller to be paired with the roof rack, a practical folding aluminium ladder and the 16-inch alloy wheels for Ducato, crosswise roof rack bars and tow hook for Doblò, mixed tow hook and smartphone or tablet supports for Talento.


Mopar Vehicle Protection: More certainties, more freedom, more value

Mopar takes care of Fiat Professional customers with Mopar Vehicle Protection service contracts, the only ones guaranteed by FCA and designed to allow all customers, retail and business alike, to enjoy trouble-free motoring with no unpleasant surprises. Only with Mopar Vehicle Protection can owners be sure that all servicing will be performed by highly qualified and specialised professionals at authorised Fiat Professional workshops across Europe.

The constantly expanding Mopar Vehicle Protection product portfolio currently contains a wide and flexible range of extended warranties and service plans, which can be transferred to the new owner if the car is sold. Each plan offers different options in terms of duration and mileage and is designed to meet the various driving requirements of individual customers, ensuring efficient, long-lasting operation.

Some examples:

  • MAXIMUM CARE: The extended warranty lasting up to three years after expiry of the manufacturer's warranty or up to 200,000 kilometres and covering all mechanical and electrical components.
  • EASY CARE: The pre-paid scheduled servicing package which freezes the price of routine maintenance operations for up to five years, enabling customers never to miss a servicing deadline.
  • Complementary Maintenance: A selection of plans which can be purchased when necessary and combined, if desired, with plans to extend the warranty and maintenance. These include ESSENTIAL CARE with two years of roadside assistance; coupons-discounts on accessories and Genuine Spare Parts, as well as useful vehicle check-ups; OIL CARE, which includes a number of oil and filter changes; and TYRE CARE, valid for two years, during which the tyres of the vehicle are repaired or replaced.


The Mopar Vehicle Protection plans can be signed directly when a new vehicle is purchased. It can also be included in the FCA Bank financial offer (where applicable) or requested in any FCA workshop. Specific information on Mopar Vehicle Protection is available from all FCA dealerships and authorised workshops, in the aftersales sections of the brand websites and on the official Mopar website (www.mopar.eu).

Dedicated services for Fleet and Business customers.

Mopar is committed to satisfying the specific needs of Fleet and Business customers. This is demonstrated in practice by a network of over 300 Business Centres capable of offering dedicated services with the goal of minimising breakdown time, long weekly opening hours and more available courtesy cars.

The integration with Mopar Connect Fleet service complements the aftersales experience, equipping fleet managers to operate better than ever.

Various types of customer care services are available to guarantee a premium experience in terms of time management and problem-solving to everyone by offering a dedicated contact channel. The quarterly newsletter contains useful sales and aftersales information.

Special sales conditions for spare parts and labour are offered to small and medium-sized enterprises, while a centralised billing service is offered to large companies on the top of special commercial terms and conditions to facilitate fleet administration.

Relationships with fleet companies are consolidated by means of strategic agreements, such as the agreement signed with Petit Forestier, which is marking 10 years of mutually profitable cooperation.

Fiat Professional Contact Plan

The Fiat Professional Contact Plan aims at creating a lasting, personal relationship with Fiat Professional customers, who are accompanied throughout their ownership experience for the first ten years after purchase.

Information is sent by e-mails twice a year to remind them of the key warranty and servicing deadlines and to offer bespoke commercial opportunities. The wide range of Mopar services offers real support to motorists who use their vehicle for work, such as Mopar Vehicle Protection service contracts, supply of genuine spare parts and accessories, servicing operations, Customer Care and roadside assistance, the Dealership and Authorised Workshops network and mobility services. Quick access to the aftersales area of Fiat Professional for directly booking services or making appointments is made easy by interactive e-mails and a smartphone-friendly environment.

Customer satisfaction, which is one of the cornerstones of the mission of Mopar, means focusing on every moment of the aftersales experience and is even more crucial for people who used their vehicle for work. Mopar is at their service, to achieve efficiency and excellence together.


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