Mopar® at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show
  • A range of exclusive accessories for Fiat, Jeep® and Alfa Romeo models.
  • High quality products in the Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Abarth brand merchandising line.
  • The Mopar Owner Centre, the EMEA platform for FCA brand customers.
  • FCA Customer Care is increasingly becoming more digital, with mobile apps, a new chat function in the MyBrand area and on Twitter.
  • The UconnectTM LIVE system: the new 7" HD touchscreen version with "tablet effect" is making its debut.
  • Mopar Vehicle Protection - "Feeling Good, Driving Happy".

Mopar®, FCA's reference brand for accessories, services, Customer Care and genuine spare parts, will be taking part in the International Motor Show scheduled to take place from 3rd to 13th March in Geneva. At the stands that host the Group's trademark cars, the public will be able to get close to the large array of products offered to the customer, both at the time of purchase and in later stages, to personalise it with exclusive services and accessories.

A range of exclusive accessories for Fiat, Jeep® and Alfa Romeo models

At the Motor Show in Geneva, the public will be able to admire a range of accessories fitted on Fiat 500X, Fiat 500L, Fiat 124 Spider, Jeep® Renegade and Alfa Romeo New Giulietta: just a small but significant sample of the many products, created for each model, which harmoniously blend with the technical and stylistic characteristics of the various cars, enabling them to be fully customised.
One of the two Fiat 124 Spiders exhibited at Geneva features exquisite details designed by Mopar which are reminiscent of the vintage 124 Spider: from the boot rack with satin effect to the premium silver wing mirrors, and brand new wheel rims based on a historical design. Mopar has also created a specific line of accessories for the 500X to make the new Fiat SUV even more distinctive. In Geneva, visitors can admire a Lounge model, with Gelato White livery, equipped with a practical working tablet holder which can be attached to the front seat. The range of accessories designed by Mopar is complete with the mats that sport the logo on a metal plate and the Fiat branded tyre valves.
At the Fiat stand, there will also be a 500L equipped with original Mopar accessories that emphasise the vehicle's practical, family-orientated vocation: for example, the specially designed car seat makes travelling with your children simple and safe and the Cargo Bay Organizer makes the large loading space practical to manage. Instead, the stylish pedal and chrome heel pad give the interior a sporty feel.
The focus will also be on the Jeep® Renegade Trailhawk - the ultimate off-road vehicle - on which shiny black custom details, such as the sticker on the door, the front grille and the wing mirrors, stand out. Overall, the vehicle has an extreme off-road character, thanks to the large number of accessories available in specific packs, enabling motorists to opt for a truly complete customization.
Finally, on the Alfa Romeo stand, the public can admire an example of New Giulietta fitting carbon mirror caps and, on the wall, a selection of accessories specifically designed for the Alfa Romeo 4C, Giulietta and Giulia models. In particular, the latter vehicle can sport a carbon and Alcantara steering wheel while the mirror caps and the heel pad are available in carbon.

High quality products in the Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Abarth brand merchandising line

Visitors to the Geneva Motor Show can discover the new merchandising line dedicated both to the Fiat New 500 and the new 124 Spider, and to the Alfa Romeo and Abarth brands. The items featured have all been designed and manufactured for FCA brand enthusiasts, and form part of an exclusive collection that aims to be the expression and spokesperson of a lifestyle capable of captivating the whole world.
In particular, one of the stars of the show at the Fiat stand will be the line created for the 124 Spider, designed to meet the requirements of those who adore spending their free time as comfortably as possible, with more than a touch of elegance and originality. The driver will appreciate the two-tone leather gloves. In collaboration with the brand Italia Independent, exclusive his and hers glasses evoking details of the materials used in the vehicle or original graphics have also been created.
Again, in the Mopar Store, set up inside the Fiat stand, the brand new collection dedicated to the New 500, designed in collaboration with the Centro Stile will be on display. The collection, which meets the requirements of a young public always on the lookout for new ideas and exclusive concepts, spans from trendy objects, such as the sweatshirts with built-in earphones that allow the wearer to comfortably listen to their music, to more fashionable products for women, such as the bags in technical fabric, characterised by exclusive patterns and the "power bank" which is useful for recharging your smartphone everywhere.
Space will also be set aside for the new Alfa Romeo collection, which centres around the brand logo with its renewed graphic components. The exclusive line features a selection of accessories designed specifically with the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, first class technical products made with high-performance materials such as carbon, aluminium or Nycroteh. Designed with a demanding, dynamic customer in mind, the Alfa Romeo collection features various lines: from leather goods, such as the unisex briefcase made of technical fabric and leather with brushed metal finishes, to the accessories line, featuring men's wallets and specific key holders, and the clothing range, including a convertible jacket made of waterproof softshell with detachable windproof lining that can also be worn on its own.
Finally, at Geneva, the Abarth brand will present its new line of merchandising inspired by the iconic cases containing the transformation kits, which have always been a symbol of development and performance. The unpretentious collection, in pure Abarth style, is made of real pinewood and presents an Office line and one dedicated to Home&Design accessories. Additionally, the Mopar Store set up in the Abarth stand will also host various collections created in collaboration with prestigious brands, such as Breil and Kappa, and the collection dedicated to the 695 Biposto. A selection of items inspired by Abarth 124 Spider, all made with top-end materials and full of quality details typical of Italian design at its best, will also be shown in preview.

The Mopar Owner Centre, the EMEA platform for FCA brand customers

An award-winner at the Italian Key Interactive Awards, the Mopar Owner Centre is the after-sales platform of the FCA Brand sites, and offers customers a wide range of content dedicated to taking care of and maintaining Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth and Jeep models.
The publicly available contents - over 8,000 pages, easily accessible from the service and assistance section of the brand's websites - provide acomprehensive overview of the world of after-sales: from services to accessories, from genuine original spare parts to customer care, e-store merchandising (online for the Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Jeep® and Mopar brands) and technical documentation. And they are available in 22 EMEA countries: Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Greece, Morocco, Denmark, South Africa, Russia, Serbia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Then, by registering your car in the "MyBrand" reserved area (my Fiat, my Lancia, my Jeep and my Abarth), FCA customers can access a range of services, exclusive content and special promotions, along with innovative services. The "MyBrand" areas are available in 15 countries: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Portugal, the UK, Austria, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland.

Learn out more at http://www.mopar.eu/eu/owner/

FCA Customer Care is increasingly becoming more digital

The Customer Care applications will also be exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show. More than 478,000 downloads of these apps have been registered in Europe, and these include "Ciao Fiat Mobile", "Lancia Everywhere Mobile", "Alfa Romeo InfoMobile", "I am Jeep® Mobile" and "Abarth24h Mobile", available in 5 languages and for 15 European countries, free of charge both from App Store and Google Play. The applications offer easy, quick access to useful information and assistance.
Moreover, @Fiat Care, @Alfa RomeoCare, @Lancia Care and @Jeep Care are the dedicated Twitter pages for assistance, where customers can find support for their needs, thanks to a team of special operators. Available for Italian, French, German and English customers, the service will also be extended to Spanish customers by the middle of 2016.
Finally, since mid-December, the channels customers can use to communicate with Customer Care have been improved, and a new chat function has been added. In the "MyAlfaRomeo" and "MyJeep®" sections on the websites fiat.it and alfaromeo.it, visitors can chat with the Customer Service: a team of dedicated operators will provide information on products and services in real time to all the customers registered in the reserved area of MyJeep and MyAlfaRomeo.

The UconnectTM LIVE system, the last frontier in infotainment

For a few months now, the extraordinary functions of the UconnectTM system have come under the scope of the activities created by Mopar. In particular, the last frontier in infotainment is presented in the form of the UconnectTMLIVE services, a set of functions available for use on three devices with 5", 6.5" and 7" touchscreens (the latter being a brand new concept as it features a 7" HD display with "tablet effect"). All three UconnectTM LIVE devices share common elements: hands-free system with Bluetooth technology, voice recognition and many music options, in addition to a FM/AM radio service. The driver can connect their multimedia devices via USB or using the 3.5mm auxiliary jack, or stream music from a compatible smartphone using Bluetooth. The system is also equipped with an SMS reader for reading text messages received on compatible telephones using 'text to speech' technology. Instead, on request, a digital radio (DAB) and built-in 3D TomTom navigation system can also be provided.
In the following months - exclusively for UconnectTM 7'' HD LIVE - "CarPlay and Android AutoTM will become available.
Specifically, Apple CarPlay allows the driver to use their iPhone more intuitively, by integrating it perfectly with the display and the car's native controls. Now users will be able to make calls, access their music, send and receive messages, get directions optimized for traffic conditions, and much more, while staying focused on the road.
Android Auto will give the driver useful information organised in simple sheets that only appear when necessary. This function gives access to: Google Maps with voice-guided navigation system, traffic information in real time, lane guidance; Google Play Music and many other music services; the ability to make and receive calls and send messages while you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
Android Auto and Google Play Music are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

The UconnectTM LIVE services - launched for the first time on the Fiat 500X in April 2015 - are outstanding. They enable the driver to view and monitor, via a touchscreen, a long series of applications that have been redesigned and readapted for use while driving, allowing them to remain concentrated on the road. Driver must download the UconnectTM LIVE app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store on their smartphone.
UconnectTM LIVE features three macro categories which contain the many applications available: "Infotainment", "Navigation" and "Saving&Efficiency". The first area provides direct access via touchscreen to TuneIn, the application that offers users access to over 100,000 internet radio stations all over the world; to Deezer, a web music service that offers access to more than 35 million tracks; to Reuters, in order to stay constantly updated on the latest news from around the world and to Facebook and Twitter, to remain constantly in touch with your friends. Finally, where present, it can also be used to access eco:Drive, the award-winning driving style app which enables users to slash fuel consumption by up to 16% and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions by providing driving tips in real time.
The "Navigation" category, available in the vehicles equipped with UconnectTM 5'' Radio Nav LIVE and UconnectTM 6.5'' Radio Nav LIVE, offers the TomTom LIVE services with voice commands, and high quality traffic information. Thanks to the experience of TomTom in connected navigation, which includes the largest source of traffic information in the world, with over 100 million kilometres of traffic measurements collected every day, travelling on board a Jeep Renegade is therefore more efficient and you can be sure to be better-informed. Every two minutes, the navigation system is updated with the most recent traffic conditions. With a highly developed processing system, Uconnect TM provides the fastest routes and the most accurate arrival time estimates. Besides real time information on traffic conditions, users are also provided with information on permanent and mobile Speed Trap positions where available, local TomTom Search&Go search services and real time weather forecasts.
Finally, through the"Saving&Efficiency" category it is possible to directly access my:Car and, thanks to real time warnings, receive reminders about maintenance procedures and gain access to an interactive user manual, all features that allow drivers to manage vehicle maintenance as efficiently as possible. When a smartphone is connected via Bluetooth, the most important warnings are automatically transferred onto the personal Uconnect TMLIVE account, to make maintenance easier than ever.

Mopar Vehicle Protection "Feeling Good, Driving Happy"

"Mopar Vehicle Protection" offers service agreements guaranteed by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to ensure our customers have absolute peace of mind. In particular, the customisable Mopar Vehicle Protection line of services offers various maintenance plans and warranty extensions - in terms of duration and mileage - that ensure the car is always in perfect condition, all at competitive prices. Moreover, the customer has constant access to a widespread customer care network present nationwide, with highly qualified technicians who can be relied upon to fit original spare parts.

The customer can choose from the following options:

  • "Maximum Care" - coverage for the mechanical and electrical parts that extends the vehicle warranty;
  • "Powertrain Care" - coverage that extends the vehicle warranty on the engine, gear and transmission mechanical parts;
  • "Top Care" - the most complete plan, which extends the manufacturer's warranty and scheduled maintenance services;
  • "Easy Care" - prepaid scheduled maintenance plans at competitive prices;
  • Essential Care" - thought for vehicles for up to 8 years of age, offering two years roadside assistance, parts discount vouchers and a series of health check- ups.
  • "Oil Care" - a set of vouchers covering oil and filter changes.

Furthermore, customers also benefit from all the peace of mind provided by the roadside assistance services available throughout Europe and all the value of a plan that can be transferred to the new owner if the vehicle is sold on.


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