Mopar and Targa Telematics present Mopar® Connect Fleet at the Hanover Motor Show

After Mopar® Connect comes Mopar® Connect Fleet, a set of automotive services dedicated to the fleet management and safety of FCA vehicles, for fleet managers of small and medium enterprises

Mopar®, the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brand dedicated to the supply of after-sales products and services for the Group's cars, has chosen Targa Telematics as technology service provider for the development of an IoC (Internet of Cars) solution for the company fleet segment: Mopar® Connect Fleet. Combining telematics devices, touchscreens, apps and Web platforms, this set of connected services allows fleet managers to monitor their entire fleet, locate vehicles in real time, receive alerts for possible thefts or tampering and improve vehicle management, the driving experience and driver safety.

"Mopar Connect Fleet is the variant of Mopar® Connect aimed at business users, such as entrepreneurs, freelance professionals or firms that own fleets of company vehicles," said Santo Ficili, Head of EMEA Mopar Service, Parts & Customer Care. "Just as for individual customers, we are offering them a set of services and also a package for efficiently monitoring and managing their fleet."

"We have eagerly taken on the challenge of making our specific expertise available to a prestigious brand, by partnering a major organisation such as Mopar," said the CEO of Targa Telematics, Nicola De Mattia. "The result achieved allows us to offer customers of the FCA Group-both consumers and fleets-a range of connected car services that is truly innovative across the entire automotive market."

There are two versions, Basic and High, which are currently available in five languages, with a view to further expanding the user base.

The services on offer include roadside assistance, help in the event of an accident and vehicle location following theft. "Like Mopar® Connect, Mopar® Connect Fleet immediately sends a call and provides help to activate the rescue services. A similar procedure is implemented in the event of theft. The device detects that the car is moving without a key in the ignition, activates help and sends a message to the Targa Telematics Operations Centre, which contacts the customer," explains Massimiliano Balbo Di Vinadio, VP Sales LA for Targa Telematics.

Through Mopar Connect Fleet, it is possible to remotely control numerous functions useful to the fleet manager, who receives real-time data and information on the cars' usage parameters-such as fuel level, battery charge status or tyre pressure-and is notified whenever scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is required.

Turin, 18 September 2018


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