The FCA aftersales world just a mouse click away

Mopar's digital platforms have been restyled and online booking - to make an appointment with authorised workshops directly on-line - will soon be available. All this thanks to "At your service", the new communications tagline expressing the customer focus of Mopar products and services

Making its customers' digital experience more engaging, while offering them faster, more comprehensive services that are in line with the latest new technologies. This was the goal behind the restyling of the web platforms of Mopar, the global brand that accompanies FCA customers throughout their motoring experience, by providing technical services and support for all their performance, safety or customisation related needs.

Mopar's new institutional website (http://www.mopar.eu) is part of this restyling process, and today features an ultra-modern format. Mopar.eu is available in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish, and it features a new design that emphasises the aftersales products and services which Mopar dedicates to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles vehicle owners.

Specifically, the new interface, which has also been optimised for use on mobile devices, grants easy access from any device to an extensive array of information, ranging from the brand's history to service contracts, without neglecting the world of Genuine Spare Parts and personalisations which have turned Mopar into the reference FCA Brand for aftersales. What's more, the new-look website makes it even easier and more straightforward to browse through all the accessories available for one's car, find the nearest dealer or workshop or send a report to a team who is ready and willing to answer any queries or requirements.

By registering their vehicle on one of the "myBrand" platforms - the private areas accessible from the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brand websites - owners and users can access a range of services, exclusive content and special promotions that, together with innovative tools, improve and make their experience with their car unique.

Online Booking, soon to be added to the services currently available, will allow FCA customers to make an appointment with authorised workshops directly on-line. This function is reserved for registered users and allows them to view the diaries of all dealers available for immediate booking, at the desired time and on the desired day. The "myBrand" areas are available in 16 countries: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Portugal, the UK, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and South Africa.

Mopar products and services will also be joining social networks from mid-March. In keeping with the "At your service" tagline, aftersales contents will be published on Fiat's, Alfa Romeo's and Jeep's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Thanks to this strategy, Mopar will be able to reach FCA customers more effectively with messages that better accommodate their requirements and needs.

The digital novelties described so far therefore constitute another leap forward in Mopar's brand strategy which, 80 years after its establishment in the United Sates, now renews and reinforces its promise to stand by its customers continuously, accommodating their needs and ambitions. The new "At your service" communications tagline expresses the customer focus of Mopar products and services. Indeed, thanks to its presence in over 150 different countries and to a network of authorised workshops at the cutting edge in terms of technical skills and support expertise, Mopar is in a position to provide the very best products and services in its category, from the exhaustive range of accessories and genuine spare parts, to service contracts and Customer Care. All this helps ensure impeccable care for both vehicle and driver, guaranteeing quality and safety in original products, made by the very people who designed and built the cars themselves. This makes Mopar the ideal trusted partner for all FCA vehicle owners.


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