Elena Novikova is the new testimonial of Mopar genuine accessories

Determination, dedication and love for daily challenges: these are the values shared by the FCA global brand and the European MTB champion. A Jeep Renegade, customised with a series of useful and exclusive Mopar genuine accessories, will be following her during her sporting accomplishments and free time.

Mopar is by the side of Elena Novikova, the many-times endurance race champion from Ukraine who is currently living in Italy. In particular, the FCA global brand will be accompanying Elena during all races and also for training and leisure by giving her a Jeep Renegade 1.6 Multijet 120 HP Limited equipped with a series of original accessories made by Mopar. Very important are the carriers, in particular the tough and versatile bicycle rack installed on the roof rack bars. The looks will be also customised by Mopar and vehicle will be kitted out with lots more original, practical and functional accessories.

The sponsorship is based on the values shared by Mopar and Elena Novikova, an expert sportswomen who has achieved many important goals but who remains as ambitious and motivated as ever. The same qualities have characterised the growth of Mopar, the global brand that accompanies FCA customers throughout their motoring experience, by providing technical services and support for all their performance, safety or customisation related needs.

The athlete has won many prestigious trophies and pursues new results expressing enthusiasm for her work and tenacity: these are the same values that characterise the daily work of Mopar professionals. These key concepts are complemented by constant environment-friendly innovation and care for quality which can be found in the smallest details. In addition to style, Mopar is the only brand that can guarantee full product compatibility with FCA vehicles and above all the safety and reliability of genuine accessories made by the vehicle manufacturer itself.

Distinguished by an aggressive metallised black livery sporting the Mopar logo stickers, the Jeep Renegade 1.6 Multijet 120 HP is equipped with an array of Mopar genuine accessories, which make it the perfect team mate for Elena Novikova, an off-road specialist who trains on rough terrain daily. Worth noting is the extremely useful bicycle rack fitted on the brushed aluminium roof rack bars and the front and rear contoured mud flaps, ideal for taking on even the roughest ground with ease.

What is more, the Jeep SUV is customised with a handy reversible mat with protective band placed in the boot to stow away all her sports equipment safely and tidily. Inside, the same protection is offered by the rubber mats and kick plate with the Jeep logo. Finally, a sophisticated touch is given by the glossy black kit on the front grille and the rear-view mirror caps in addition to the chrome-plated valve caps with Jeep logo on the tyres.

Elena Novikova and Mopar genuine accessories: a winning pair.


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